Taxifolin from our company is produced by Taxifolia factory (State Registration CertificateУ.7914.8.09., 24 Aug 09) to utilize for development of premixes and therapeutic beverages. Taxifolin possesses a purification degree of at least 98% and is completely free from foreign substances (resins and ether oils), thus, enabling its application in the food industry without modifying organoleptical properties of the food products.


Until now, taxifolin production had several considerable shortcomings, mostly related to the presence of non-flavonoid substances in taxifolin: resins, ether oils, etc. This resulted in peculiar and unpleasant taste, which limited application of non-purified taxifolin in food. Dihydroquercitin content in these products did not exceed 90-92%.


The innovative nature of the technology, developed by Taxifolia company, has been certified by patents and honored with a gold medal at the IDEEN-ERFINDUNGEN-NEUHEITEN International Exhibition in Germany.


Propylene glycol, utilized to manufacture our premixes, is a product of the German company — DOW EUROPE GmbH, (State Registration CertificateУ.7846.9.08, 15 Sep 2008). It complies with the Sanitary Regulations and Standards SANPIN Hygiene Requirements for Application of Dietary Supplements.


To manufacture taxifolin-enriched beverages we utilize Arkhyz water.

Arkhyz, the only mineral drinking water of natural origin, is produced and bottled in the North Caucasus mountains at the elevation of 1,507 m. Flowing through the mountain filter, this water becomes lightly mineralized, acquiring beneficial properties and amazing taste. Bacteriological purity within the water well is similar to that of vacuum, i.e. Arkhyz water is perfectly pure. The water is bottled on-site with its original nature preserved. Thus, we can rightfully say that Arkhyz is the water of original natural quality, providing considerable health benefits, as opposed to artificially mineralized water and regular water being purified almost to the level of distilled water.

Arkhyz has been collaborating for 9 years with the Federal Agency for Physical Education and Sports of Russia and has been a partner of such events as Ski-Track of Russia (all-Russia amateur ski racing), Nation’s Cross-Country Run (amateur running race), and others. Arkhyz is the official partner of the Zenit Football Club.