Flavomix Taxifolin Premixes

The physical and chemical properties of dihydroquercetin render it nearly insoluble in water and edible liquids (juices, milk, sunflower oil, dairy products, fat-containing canned food, etc.). Therefore, integration of dihydroquercetin into a finished product is extremely challenging.

Our premixes contain dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) without foreign substances (resin) and of a purification level exceeding 98%. This product has a higher-order crystal structure and all the attributes of a nanosystem. Specifically, it has a good solubility in water (up to 2 g/l) and stability in a water solution, ensuring its high bioavailability. These properties of high-purity taxifolin, combined with its strong antioxidative and capillary protection effects, make it attractive for food industry, including its application in the fabrication of water-based products.

Integration of taxifolin into a finished product in liquid form has an absolute advantage over the weight method.

The technology, developed by our specialists, allows for application of taxifolin in your production processes and facilitates the production of a standardized end product.

    Drinking water properties:
  1. Standard color (yellowy-orange)
  2. No precipitate
  3. Unaltered taste

Additionally, water may be boiled or frozen with no effect on the above properties.

Our premixes, utilized in other food products, allow integration of any required dose of taxifolin, thus, giving new therapeutic effects to these products.

Integration of taxifolin in fat-containing products will extend their shelf life by 50 — 100%.

When dissolved, taxifolin is rapidly and completely absorbed by the human body (bioavailability), thus promoting antioxidative activity.

We provide our own methods of qualitative and quantitative testing of taxifolin in premixes and in any type of end products. End product control is performed utilizing ultraviolet spectrophotometry and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) subject to the state reference standard (GSO No. 9054-20080).

Expiration date — 2 years.