Application of Flavomix Taxifolin Premixes in Dietary Supplements and Pharmaceutical Products

Due to its powerful antioxidative and capillary protection activities taxifolin is most widely used in dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. Taxifolin is compatible with vitamins, mineral complexes, and medicinal plant extracts.

Taxifolin’s proven biological effects include:

  • Antioxidative activity
  • Vitamin P activity
  • Capillary protection: improving microcirculation and blood flow at the capillary level, promoting the development of new capillaries
  • Helping to maintain blood pressure at physiological levels, providing a mild hypotension effect
  • Improvement of the elasticity of red blood cells, reduction of blood viscosity
  • Improvement of the coronary blood flow and myocardial contractility, reduction of the affected zone of the cardiac muscle
  • Anti-ischemic effect
  • Antidepressant effect
  • Reduction of the low density lipoprotein levels in blood plasma
  • Stomach protection
  • Liver protection
  • Immune system regulation
  • Inactivation of cytotoxic substances
  • Radiation protection
  • Synergist to vitamins А, С, Е