Application of Flavomix Taxifolin Premixes in Cosmetics and Perfumes

The Flavomix taxifolin premixes can be utilized in cosmetics and perfumes, specifically, to:
— Preserve raw material, oil and fat components, as well as the finished products
— Render therapeutic effects to products

The Flavomix taxifolin premixes, utilized in cosmetics:
— Enhance protective functions of the skin against external and internal toxicity, radiation, germs, and other environmental factors.
— Normalize general metabolic processes through topical application, specifically, those in lymphatic and blood system, thus, slowing skin aging.

    The Flavomix taxifolin premixes are a promising component to be utilized in cosmetics intended for intensive care after:
  • Dry and aging body and facial skin
  • Sensitive skin prone to irritation and allergy
  • Skin with weakened microcirculation
  • Capillaropathy

The Flavomix taxifolin premixes, introduced in creams and shampoos, help to renew skin. Taxifolin-based hair conditioners contribute to the general health of hair and hair growth.

The Flavomix taxifolin premixes are quickly and completely absorbed by the skin, which maximizes their antioxidative effect.