Cardiovascular Pathology

The prevalence of hypertension shows continuous growth. By 2025, adult hypertension will increase by approximately 60%, affecting 1.56 billion people worldwide.
Hypertension affects both developed and developing nations. This is precursor to the global epidemic of cardiovascular diseases.
In 2000, 26.4% of the world’s total adult population (972 million people) suffered from hypertension, including 333 million in developed countries and 639 million in developing countries.
It is expected that by 2025, the global hypertension rates among adult population will rise to 29.2% and it means that 1.54-1.58 billion people will suffer from high blood pressure. These rates reflect an increase of 24% in developed countries and of 80% in developing countries.
This forecast becomes all the more horrifying if one considers the fact that hypertension is currently responsible for 40% of the total death rate, 69 % of cerebral strokes, and 49% of coronary conditions.